Welcome to the Chatzyvengers Wiki Here you will find anything and everything about this group shortened and sweetened for your learning pleasure; from all the feels to the utter crack. Be warned-- this is just the summed up version.


What the group is (When Out of character/Rules)Edit

A Chatzy-based Avengers RP, hence the name The Chatzyvengers.

This page was brought to fruition when Tony and Natasha decided that having to explain everything about the group to new people was getting too tiring.

There are a few simple facts you should know about us OOC, to avoid any kind of confusion.

  • First off-- and most importantly-- When we are NOT in character/ not doing any plots or RPing, we write WITHIN the brackets ((Like so)). 
  • When in character and doing plots/in an RP, we don't clog up the page with pointless Ooc chatter. Which means; when the group is trying to RP, don't sit there and babble in the brackets. It makes it hard to see other people's replies/ can get very annoying. Posting links/ spamming the group in the middle of an RP is strongly advised against.
  • Keep Ooc drama to an absolute minimum. We are an RP group, not therapists. We are always open to helping you if you're feeling down/stressed/scared/ill. Always happy to help-- but, personal issues are just that; Personal. Your problems should not have to become a group problem. If you need help, then ask us. We will talk to you through Skype/MSN/Tumblr (whatever network you use and are available on) to help you feel better. We just don't want the whole group getting upset at once.
  • This group started out with five original members; Bruce (Broose), Pepper (Feels Witch), Tony (Terny/Shamu), Natasha (Swagtasha) and Clint (Lyfe Thug/ Clumsy Barton). It has grown, but these five can tell you the most about the group.
  • Bruce is possibly the funniest person in the group; Ooc and in Ic too. 'Brain farts' are a wonderous thing that Bruce does, in which he becomes a nightblogger combined with a philosopher. Evidence of brain farts can be found at all times. The greatest one being "What if farts smelled like Tony? What if farts had personalities like Tony too? We'd be like 'ew, fart' and they'd be like 'ew, YOU'?" No, I am not making this up. This actually happened. And it was genius. We are a serious group the majority of the time, but if you can't handle a few jokes, and cracky brainfarts, you probably should look for a different group. On a side note; Bruce is a photoshopping legend. Bruce is chief graphics maker.
  • Our Pepper Potts is nothing short of a wizard Ic and Ooc. We are under the suspicion that she actually IS Pepper Potts because she is an AU genius, an organizing god, and has been in many cases the glue that holds us together. You insult her, you're out. You make her angry? You start running. We have all accepted that no one writes more heart breakiningly beautiful RPs as Pep. And no one gives better advice than Pep either (hence why we call her Actual Pepper Potts) and she's good at fixing things. She is currently the chief gif maker.
  • Natasha and Tony talk/act in sync without meaning to. Frequently. We call this the Natony Brain Link. Or just 'Natony' for short. No, we do not ship Natasha/Tony,  they just have brilliant telepathy which scares the heebie jeebies out of everyone and everything. (Even themselves) The group has compared them to humps on a camel, and it escalated into 'Camel Bros' and 'Hump bumps'. Natony have been known to hurt each other with their art/feelsing and will not hesitate to jump on you if you give them good ideas for drawings/collaborations. Natasha and Tony are the principal artists in the group. (Read as; they flail into the room bearing gifts of the drawn-sort.)
Tumblr mbcat1KTop1r1gckoo3 500

An example of one of Broose's majestic edits. Also Bruce + Moose = Broose. Bask in the glory.


Here we have Natasha and Tony, in their camel forms, hump bumping. Entirely non-sexual and probably the coolest thing you will ever see.

The OCs / General info about the group OCsEdit

They were made to keep the plots we do interesting-- the villains especially. It tends to get boring as fuck when you're fighting Dr Doom/Loki/Chemistro/Baron Strucker over, and over and over. And, yes, we're aware there are more than those villains--but, it doesn't make sense to have a villain for a non-avenger suddenly start attacking the Avengers. Know what I mean? 

We've got an irk; overly angsty characters. If you feel like our OCs are going to have tragic sob stories, or mary-sue-like God given powers, or EPIC LIFE STORIES!!!11 then, no. They're fairly simple, and they grow in character as the plots progress. It's a little thing called character development, and we sure do like it.