So, as you've probably been informed; that CVs (Shh, it's just short for Chatzyvengers) have quite a few OCs. Some are villains, some are current generation, and some are next. This page is gonna explain them, and link you to the logs they were created in.

General notice about our OCsEdit

They were made to keep the plots we do interested-- the villains especially. It tends to get boring as fuck when you're fighting Dr Doom/Loki/Chemistro/Baron Strucker over, and over and over. And, yes, we're aware there are more than those villains--but, it doesn't make sense to have a villain for a non-avenger suddenly start attacking the Avengers. Know what I mean? 

We've got an irk; overly angsty characters. If you feel like our OCs are going to have tragic sob stories, or mary-sue-like God given powers, or EPIC LIFE STORIES!!!11 then, no. They're fairly simple, and they grow in character as the plots progress. It's a little thing called character development, and we sure do like it.

The OC Meet'n'greet [In order of when they were created]Edit

1. Shanta Rebecca Banner / Chemibomb (Fandom Made, played by Natasha)

Status: Regularly used, and when not in use--is mentioned in regards to Bruce/Betty. Introduced in this plot .

Skills: Chemical/hormonal manipulation, some hand to hand combat skills learned.

History: Born in Calcutta and abandoned (for whatever reason) Shanta’s life was poverty for the first five years. Then, along came Natasha Romanoff, who was looking to track and bring Bruce Banner back to SHIELD. Romanoff paid Shanta to lure Bruce out to the city outskirts under the guise of needing the doctor’s help for her father. After that, Loki’s invasion attempt happened (MCU) and Bruce, not yet ready to stay in Avengers Tower, returned to Calcutta, where Shanta had been hiding in the old shack he’d been staying in. He chooses to adopt the little girl, and brings her back to New York with him, then moving in to Avengers Tower as an Avenger.

Personality Summary: Cheekiest little shit you will ever encounter, and you’d never think she’d been raised by the most modest man on the planet. She’s a daddy’s girl, with a fierce protectiveness of her family (Particularly her brother, Skaar) and is very, very trusting of her friends. Trusting to the point where she overlooks people’s flaws, and makes bad decisions based on the ignorance. Has no problem with authority figures, obedient to people she truly cares about (though they don’t escape the occasional tongue lashing) and is incredibly flirtatious. Main personality flaws are her naivety, arrogance, tendency to lash out when she feels that someone is at fault, lack of strict discipline means she can be rather spoiled, often forgetting that not everyone had it as good as she did.

Timeline/ Major plot points: The discovery of her mutation (Following a villain attack on her home/ seeing that she was able to calm the Hulk down), moving to Xavier’s Institute, Jackson’s attack on the Institute and (Currently/working towards this plot) the introduction of Sienna Hyde and Miranda Dawson for the “Poison” arc.

2. Samuel Donald Turner / Agent 6

3. Jackson Price / Volt

4. Lilia Pickney (No longer used due to player leaving the group)  - Introduced in the same log as Jackson.

5. Oliver Thatcher / Terramaster


7. Sienna Hyde / Poisona

8. Rosemary Denecro / Dr Necro